Need to create a cookbook for installation and configuration of a package( Bigfix)

Hi Team,

I need to install a package IBM bigfix in the nodes using chef. For this i need a cookbook to be written.
I am not sure how to do this for the unix servers. The installation will not be using yum.
Please help me out.

Chef client has supported ibm aix package installs for some time now here
is an article but I
think bigfix is a security appliance and I’m not sure if it’s aix at its
core, you could always write a cookbook with a custom execute resource that
can install that package for you as long as you have root access to the
appliance and the command set for installation of packages.

I have developed a BigFix chef cookbook.

Could you please share me … I am in need of it.,

It is a part of a service which my company provides. Shoot me an email and I will send you more details.

Hey Liora,

Hope you doing great…!!

We are using BigFix for windows patching. But for that we need to install the bigfix agent on all the nodes we have. it is difficult to do it manually. I am looking for a cookbook so that i can keep in our chef server to push it to all the nodes same time. if you help me with that means it’s a lot of help for me…


Hi Vinay,

I will be happy to assist. Please contact me via email.


Sure…Thanks Liora…

Hi Vinay,

The BigFix cookbook is maintained by LMB and is NOT free of charge.
The pricing is $ 1500 for the minimal package - one version of depy (The service which includes the cookbook and many others).