New User Interface



I’ve almost finished work on the new UI.

I’ve pushed a branch which was rebased to Chef master, fujin/chef-129

git remote add fujin git://
git fetch fujin
git checkout --track -b chef-129 fujin/chef-129

Please see attached screenshots, you can test the new UI from the Git
checkout by running ‘sudo slice -c 2 -N’ in the chef-server-slice
directory. You can change the theme by editing
chef_server_slice.html.haml and changing the theme name (look in chef-
server-slice/public for the themes)

Please test, and provide any comments - I am aware some functionality
is missing such as authz checks and the recent ‘Status’ page, also the
tree-control edit-in-place node page is not complete, which I plan to
port from Futon.