New windows_service behavior in chef-client cookbook


A new chef-client cookbook v4.3.2 has just been released. This release includes slightly different behavior in the windows_service recipe to accomodate a change in windows service installation in an upcoming version of the chef client.

Currently, when the chef client windows service is installed, the log location is set at install time and is immutable. Even if one makes changes to the log_location in the client.rb, this has no impact after the service is installed on windows. This will change and the chef client config file will be the source of truth for logging if the service manager is not given a logging location on the command line.

Enter the chef-client cookbook. Many use this cookbook to install the chef client windows service on a node. The windows_service recipe appends the log_dir node attribute to the service manager command line which would have the ill effect of rendering the log location immutable even with the new client. The new chef-client cookbook will only do this for client versions 12.5.1 and earlier. It will not append to the service manager command line on newer versions. Further, it will always add the log location to the client.service.rb. This will allow the windows_service recipe to effectively update the log location of an installed windows service installed with the upcoming chef client.