Ohai 0.6.14.RC.1


The first release candidate of Ohai 0.6.14 is up on Rubygems.org.

Here’s the list of all it should resolve to motivate you to test it.

[OHAI-267] - identifying rackspace’s managed cloud instances
[OHAI-322] - ohai ipaddress shows ipv6 address as inet instead of
inet6, which also makes ‘ohai ipaddress’ sometimes default to the ipv6
[OHAI-330] - Ohai crashes on Solaris 11, Ubuntu 12.04 in
mixins/command.rb: popen4
[OHAI-336] - Running ohai (and chef-client) on OSX without Java prompts user
[OHAI-337] - SmartOS should be identified as “SmartOS” platform rather
than Solaris Nevada
[OHAI-343] - Incorrect network attributes with Ohai 0.6.12 on OpenVZ/venet
[OHAI-345] - Missing platform_family support for OS X and OS X Server
[OHAI-348] - openSUSE, SLE report platform “suse linux” instead of “suse”
[OHAI-349] - “TypeError: can’t convert nil into String” when using
Joyent SmartOS and OHAI 0.6.12
[OHAI-351] - network information is blank on Windows
[OHAI-358] - More flexible php language detection (:builddate currently broken)
[OHAI-361] - SmartOS - remove platform_version set in platform switch
[OHAI-362] - TUN Adapter breaks Ohai Network
[OHAI-369] - platform for ‘mint’ should be ‘linuxmint’
[OHAI-371] - Ohai fails to detect NetBSD operating system type

[OHAI-347] - Make primary IPv6 address easier to access
[OHAI-354] - Add recognition of Omni-Os in platform solairs
[OHAI-370] - linux/network add ipv6 support when using iproute2

New Feature
[OHAI-296] - Adjust OpenVZ to support new proc entries
[OHAI-340] - Windows node.uptime and node.uptime_seconds
[OHAI-346] - Network specs for OS X

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