OHAI-115 connundrum


I’m trying to find a sensible way to close OHAI-115.
‘CLI should filter on deeper levels of attributes’

The issue I am having is defining an acceptable filed separator
for specifying the path to the attribute we want to dump.

The ticket suggests . as a field separator. This FS may appear in the data,
making it difficult to parse the path to the desired part of the ohai data.
For example:

$ ohai network.interfaces.em0.addresses.

I’ve enumrated the separators that have issues below, although this may
not be a complete list

/ - filesystem paths or device nodes
. - ipv4 addresses
: - mac addresses
:: - ipv6 addresses

My current patch uses // as the FS. You can see the patch here

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions


Mathieu Sauve-Frankel