Omnibus v4.0.0.rc.1



I’m very excited to announce the first release candidate of Omnibus 4!
Thanks to some awesome testing during the beta period, we were able to fix
a number of bugs and add a some missing features. The full Changelog is
available on GitHub:

As was reported previously [1], Omnibus 4.0 does not contain the insecure
file ownership bug that was uncovered and fixed in the older 3.x and 2.x
series of Omnibus.

Please remember:

  • This is a pre-release, so it may contain bugs. Please report bugs using
    the GitHub issue tracker.
  • This is a major version release. This means there are
    non-backwards-compatible API changes in the codebase!

Thanks y’all!

Seth Chisamore
Engineering Lead - Release Engineering
IRC, Twitter, GitHub: schisamo