Opscode 10/22 Code Review


Chef 10.16.0 is out, but S3 has been bumpy and I’m still waiting to get
omnibus builds finished uploading before I pull the trigger on the

Also, this week is the summit in Seattle, Hoorah!

To merge:
CHEF-3544 - Cookbook syntax check should honor chefignore file
CHEF-3536 - NameError in cookbook resolution error inspector
CHEF-3075 - chef-client -E options ignores single lettered named
CHEF-3535 - Chef::REST doesn’t require ‘chef/platform’ but uses it

CHEF-3534 - Node object should handle respond_to? and method_missing
errors like other objects
Reopened - Add tests and Chef::Node#respond_to?
CHEF-2467 - Attributes set in role not available via node object when
running shef in client mode
Reopened - Add tests
CHEF-3513 - Error formatting during node authentication shows “e
undefined” error"
Closed - Duplicate of CHEF-3443
CHEF-2421 - execute other resources BEFORE main resource
Reviewed - Dan added thoughts
CHEF-3452 - uploading frozen cookbooks shows unfriendly error message
Reopened - Add a regression test
CHEF-3521 - Chef should set a timeout for yum-dump
Reopened - Use mixlib-shellout

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