Opscode 10/29 Code Review


We’re going to try to run Wednesdays code review meetings in Google
Hangout. Check out this link for more information and to sign up for an


To merge:
CHEF-3514 - Bootstrap templates use hardcoded temporary file names

CHEF-3543 - Add support for reading ssh_user, identity_file, and
host_key_verify configuration from knife.rb for bootstrap
CHEF-3346 - Improve README format

CHEF-3555 - knife cookbook site install fails due to not allowing string
format cookbook_path

CHEF-3534 - Node object should handle respond_to? and method_missing
errors like other objects

Reopened - add shoulds to the tests
CHEF-3497 - Allow knife.rb to implicitly provide all knife related

Reopened - Suggestions on improving mixlib-cli derived defaults

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