Opscode 11/9 Ticket Triage


Hey folks,

We’re going to push the Chef 0.10.6 release candidate any day now. We
have a new branch, ‘0.10.6-rc’ for tracking that while we merge other
work for 0.10.8 into master. Look there if you’re following along at

To merge:
CHEF-2634 - FreeBSD packages: fail to build when using ports -
incorrect use of port Makefile and working dir?
CHEF-1917 - Resource references in notifications are not resolved
when the resource is declared in a ruby block
CHEF-1896 - Support for ssh gateway in knife ssh and knife bootstrap
COOK-815 - Nagios Config Changes Kill Nagios If Config Goes Bad

CHEF-1849 - knife bootstrap for Debian APT
Reopened - Needs to be brought up to date for 0.10
CHEF-1857 - File resource should take non-octal modes (e.g. “ug-s”,
“a+rx”, etc)
Reopened - Add validation
CHEF-2477 - Searches against client index produce no matches
Reopened - Pull request contains erroneous commits
CHEF-2709 - make “knife cookbook upload” search pwd to find cookbook
name from working directory
Reopened - Code is a little fragile and should add tests and some
CHEF-2715 - Provide alternate chef-client location when boostraping
Reopened - We need to refactor the start_chef method to not use
hardcoded paths and not start adding multiple method arguments to do

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