Opscode cookbooks pull requests


Hi Chefs,

I’m sending this to both the Chef user and Chef developer lists, as it
is potentially relevant to both groups.

All development in Opscode’s cookbooks is happening in the separated
repositories under the “opscode-cookbooks” organization on GitHub0.
While it is relatively simple to apply a patch to the older monolithic
opscode/cookbooks repository1, this does create additional
maintenance that is more complicated than necessary, especially as
we’re trying to streamline and improve the process for both
contributors, and our team’s maintainers. We also plan to fully
deprecate the old repository, making “master” essentially a README
referring to the new location.

If you have an outstanding pull request in the older repository, would
you please help us out by applying your patch to the latest master of
the particular cookbook in the new repository? For example, if it were
the “mysql” cookbook:

Please also make sure that there’s a COOK ticket in JIRA2, with the
cookbook name as the component, and that the ticket is in the
"Resolved" state and the ticket # is referenced in the pull request
subject. Over the next couple weeks, we’d like to get all the
outstanding pull requests in the old repository closed so we can
finish deprecating it.

Thank you!

Opscode, Inc
Joshua Timberman, Technical Program Manager
IRC, Skype, Twitter, Github: jtimberman