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Several months ago, we migrated all the Opscode cookbooks in the monolithic reposotry to a separate GitHub organization, opscode-cookbooks02. We consider the monolithic repository fully deprecated1. All outstanding pull requests against that repository are now closed. Some that were still outstanding have been merged into the appropriate cookbooks under the associated tickets. Others were closed with a request to re-submit pull requests against the current repository.

For more information about the move, see the blog post0. For information about how to contribute changes, please see the CONTRIBUTING file in any of our cookbooks, or the How to Contribute documentation on the Chef wiki3.

We’d like to thank everyone for contributing to the various cookbooks projects, and look forward to future contributions. You all make Chef awesome!

Opscode, Inc
Joshua Timberman, Technical Community Manager
IRC, Skype, Twitter, Github: jtimberman