Opscode Ticket Triage 12/21


Hey Chefs,

I’m in Seattle at Opscode HQ this week and it’s a bit quiet here with
many out for the holidays. Still, we’re trucking along with triage and
getting ready for many Chef releases next year.

Speaking of releases, we ended up shipping Chef 0.10.8 as a single
patch bugfix a couple of days after 0.10.6. That was too bad, we don’t
like having to do that. We’ve got some nice Jenkins infrastructure
here this month and I’m personally hoping we build some cookbook level
testing into that as well to mitigate this sort of situation in the

We also opened up the Omnibus beta to a larger audience, including a
new front end web page and blogged about the spiffy Windows installer.


I had lunch today with an old colleague who is deploying Chef using
the MSI using Active Directory group policy. This is exactly the
definition of awesome. I kind of wish I had some Windows
infrastructure to administer still so I could enjoy revolutionizing
that process.

I hope those of you celebrating holidays are enjoying yourself, and
the rest of you I hope are just enjoying yourselves.

To merge:
CHEF-1202 - Update regular expression placeholders to quote
substituted values.
CHEF-1261 - Meta Resource’s not_if/only_if Attributes should allow
more control of return codes
CHEF-1657 - mount provider fails to mount tmpfs
CHEF-2689 - Can not detect oracle server linux platform during chef
OHAI-308 - Can not detect oracle server linux platform during chef
CHEF-2739 - knife exec search configurable directories
CHEF-2740 - Add new public method to file_edit.rb to append a line
if the regex doesn’t match
CHEF-2796 -Shef fails when “node.fqdn” is not set
OHAI-324 - Add specs for linux network, precursor to some other bug fixes
OHAI-325 - Add support for iproute2 for linux networking
OHAI-312 - OpenBSD uptime.rb plugin does not generate output
OHAI-314 - plugins/os.rb RbConfig / Config warning in Ruby 1.9.3
OHAI-316 - venet0 IP address detected incorrectly on newer versions of OpenVZ
OHAI-319 - ohai detects “scientific” as "scientificsl"
COOK-710 - Windows Registry Provider “Name” collision cause some
items not to run
COOK-711 - Path provider cannot update the path multiple times in one run
COOK-828 - memcached cookbook breaks on RedHat like systems
COOK-835 - Add app pool to IIS cookbook
COOK-914 - windows_zip always defaults to “.” regardless of the name attribute
COOK-650 - Add ability to specify version when installing distribute.
COOK-651 - ‘install_path’ not correctly resolved when using python::source

CHEF-1254 - Implement cookbook version constraints in metadata
dependencies per the wiki
Closed - Old ticket that was previously merged
CHEF-2328 - RubyGems 1.8 Gives deprecation messages
Reopened - Asked some questions about the solution
CHEF-2739 - knife exec search configurable directories
Reopened - We should set a default set of paths for knife exec
scripts to live in
OHAI-109 - iproute2 support
Closed - Duplicate
OHAI-318 - ohai network ifconfig scanning is broken on arch linux
Closed - Duplicate
OHAI-295 - Add support for lxc linux container
Reopened - Please add tests
COOK-664 - apt cookbook should check platform
Closed - Wont fix, avoid limiting checks in cookbooks

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