PolicyFile and Environment Cookbook Pattern


I am starting to look at PolicyFile as an alternative to the Environment Cookbook Pattern that I am current using.

I think i can migrate pretty much everything over to a single PolicyFile except where I chef-rewind some cookbook_file resources.

What I want to know is, Is there a better practice to allow me to pass in an alternative cookbook_file file.

Example is:

Within the my cookbook i have an ssl pfx file that is used for “foo” domain named foo.domain.com.pfx but when I move to “bar” domain it has a different ssl pfx file bar.domain.com.pfx.

Should i create a wrapper cookbook just for these changes?


Hi @stonesbg,

Should be able to edit resources now. Check out https://coderanger.net/rewind/



Essentially you still will use the environment cookbook pattern for just the recipe overriding and the rest will be specified within the policyfile (attributes,dependecies)