Policyfile Feature


Hello Chefs,

Many of you have heard about the Policyfile feature we’re working on or heard it mentioned in the context of other discussions. I wanted to wait a little while to make a big announcement about it because talk is cheap and code speaks for itself. While we don’t have anything you can play with just yet, we’ve implemented a lot of the library code into ChefDK over the past months and I was able to give a demo internally at Chef Software of the Policyfile working end-to-end (albeit with a few hacks).

Since we’re getting close, I wrote up a fairly comprehensive README document about the feature, which I encourage you to read here:

The document is part of this pull request: https://github.com/opscode/chef-dk/pull/122

If you have any questions or comments about any of this, feel free to reply to this thread or ask them on the pull request.

Oh, and a quick description of our status: There’s a couple input validation issues we have to fix before we’re comfortable sharing the feature. Once we get those taken care of, we’ll add a CLI you can use to preview the feature.


Daniel DeLeo