Post Mortem of Berkshelf/Faraday issues on Oct 5

Hello all,

On Oct 5 users of the Berkshelf gem saw an error with Faraday. We are conducting a live, public post mortem now and I will include a link to the recording as soon as we are completed. If you’d like to watch it live, go to

Post mortem is complete, you can watch the video here

And see the document we were working on (unfortunately the recording did not capture my screen share for some reason…) here

Hi Nell,
Thanks for having an open postmortem.
Is there a written set of notes one might be able to read?


The incident is written up in the gist that Nell linked:

Is that what you’re looking for?


That is indeed what I was looking for. An edit to a post on Discourse doesn’t update the prior email in my inbox. :smile:

Thanks for providing the link, the edit to the post doesn’t make it out to email.

Might I ask that the file be renamed to so GitHub’s Gist renderer will prettify it so I don’t have to side-scroll in the browser as much?

One of the biggest concerns and questions I have coming out of this is that the reporting mechanism used relied on the reporting user (Noah) having a lot of context and personal connections that aren’t always going to be available during an incident. (

Is reaching out to an individual the best approach? Where / how else would this issue have been reported or raised if Noah hadn’t reached out directly to Nell?

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Given that this wasn’t in a Chef packaged version of Berks and is in more of the “best effort” class of support from the Berks team, I think it would be filed as a bug against berks or whatever repo. The reason it went to Nell was that Noah initially believed it was a configuration change on the public supermarket instance.

Agree but that’s a statement filled with post-incident context.

Knowing only what was know at the time of the incident, Would a tweet to @opscode_status have been more appropriate to get the issue raised? A support request?

I think the primary route to reporting (suspected) issues with supermarket is to email support.