[Pre-Release Announcement] Chef-Client 12.14.60

Hello Chefs!

Today we are announcing version 12.14.60 as our chef-client release candidate for next Wednesday’s release. This is a big one folks! It brings with it a jump from ruby 2.1.9 to 2.3.1. With lots of performance enhancements, functional improvements and bug fixes along the way. This client is also Windows Nano compatible and includes specific changes to the Ohai network plugin that work with Windows Nano Server.

You can have a look at the changelog for more details.

This build can be downloaded from current:

curl https://omnitruck.chef.io/install.sh | sudo bash -s -- -c current -P chef -v 12.14.60


. { iwr -useb https://omnitruck.chef.io/install.ps1 } | iex; install -channel current -project chef -version 12.14.60

Please give this prerelease a try and let us know if you see any issues so that we can make sure to address any problems well before release.