[Pre-Release] Chef-DK 0.15.9 announcement

We are considering yesterday’s 0.15.9 build our chef-dk release candidate due for release next week. You can check out the changelog and the release notes where you can find the details of what’s inside.

In addition to whats mentioned specifically in the changelog, you will find the following updates to bundled applications and key gems:

  • Chef 12.11.18
  • opscode-pushy-client 2.0.2
  • Chef-Provisioning 1.7.1
  • chef-provisioning-fog 0.19.0
  • fauxhai 3.5.0
  • kitchen-inspec 0.14.0
  • Test-Kitchen 1.9.2

What’s a key gem? One that I look at and find that it triggers an emotional response! But remember, we source control our Gemfile.lock which will give you a complete picture of what we bundle for each tagged release.
This build can be downloaded from current:

https://omnitruck.chef.io/install.sh | sudo bash -s -- -c current -P chefdk -v 0.15.9


. { iwr -useb https://omnitruck.chef.io/install.ps1 } | iex; install -channel current -project chefdk -v 0.15.9

Please let us know if you encounter any issues while using these builds and we will address them prior to an official release.