Proper way to use Spice library for search?


I’m using the Spice library to uses the API to automate some tasks.

I can correctly use it to access and write to a data bag, but I can’t
figure how to make the search work.

I’m setting things up like this:

        Spice.setup do |s|
            s.server_url = "http://my.chef-server:4000"
            s.client_name = "myname"
            s.key_file = "/path/to/my/key.pem"

sp = Spice.connection

From the rdoc, I tough that I could use a search method on my Spice object,
but I get a NoMethodeError if I try

I tried to call search with the get method:

result = sp.get("/search/node/", :q => “recipe:acookbook AND

But the query is not taken into account and I get the whole list of nodes.

Any users of this libs (or it’s author ;)) around that could point me in
the right direction?