Public JIRA Project workflow and consolidation


All knife plugin tickets, such as knife-ec2, knife-openstack and others,
are now consolidated into the Knife Plugin project.

The plugins are separated by component, which JIRA will require you to
chose when you file an issue. Sometimes an issue is with core knife in
Chef rather than in the plugin. In this case it should be filed against
the CHEF project with a component of knife instead. If you don’t know
which of the two to use, don’t worry, just file it and provide as much
information as possible about the issue.

This new workflow is: Open -> Confirmed -> [In Progress] -> Fix Provided
-> [Reopened] -> Fix Reviewed -> Fix Committed -> Closed.

More information on the statuses is included in an earlier email to the
chef mailing list:

All of the mixlib projects have been similarly combined into a single
MIXLIB project. Notably the majority of the mixlib projects had no bugs in

Chef, Ohai, Cookbooks and all other projects have also been migrated to
the new workflow.

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