rabbitMQ service failing while trying to configure data collection


I have installed my Chef server and Chef automate, and am trying to integrate both the servers together but after integration the reconfiguration command for automate server doesn’t complete successfully.

Previously the setup was working fine and I was able to get the nodes and cookbooks uploaded data on my automate dashboard but it looks like it suddenly broke down. Digging in deeper I found that the rabbitmq service has been stopped and doesn’t restart if run manually. I tried rebuilding the machines but it looks like this time the integration is not working with the service down.

Error executing action run on resource ‘execute[wait for rabbitmq initial start]’

[2018-03-22T18:20:57+05:30] INFO: Retrying execution of execute[wait for rabbitmq initial start], 9 attempt(s) left
[execute] Error: Failed to initialize erlang distribution: {{shutdown,
{failed_to_start_child, auth,
{“Cookie file /var/opt/delivery/rabbitmq/.erlang.cookie must be accessible by owner only”,

Is it a bug in the new release or is it that some configuration changed? Thanks in advance!