Re: CentOS Configuration Management SIG


As I have discussed at Config Management Camp, I would like to see
people involved in this initiative. As a reminder, we are creating a SIG
(Software Interest Group = a group of people working around the same
topic) around Configuration Management.

The objective is to build Chef (and other config management tools)
and the tooling around it for the CentOS distribution, giving easy
access to the latest release to the CentOS community.

Please take a look at my Ignite talk from Config Management Camp:

CentOS Config Management SIG from Julien Pivotto

If you want to join us, please register to
and provide me your username in a separate email, along with the project
you want to work on (it will probably be Chef if you read this mail).
Please do so before Monday if you plan to help us.

If you are not familiar with the CentOS build system, that is fine.
There are resource available to jump in, that will be communicated to
the newcomers.

Thank you !

More info:

Are you still planning to use the main centos-devel mailing list? That seems like a big firehose to ask people to manage to participate.