Re: Plane fare available to attend Opscode Summit - Still available


FYI - Still available. If you’ve been too shy, nows the time to speak up.

Dont let it go to waste…

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 1:23 PM, Michael Leinartas wrote:

I’ve got a $300 Alaska Air voucher that’s expiring soon that I’d like
to see used.

I’d love if it would help someone attend whose company cant/wont pay
for the trip. It should help anyone who can fly via an Alaska Air
route (no codeshare). The other certificate I had resulted in a $70
fare round trip from Chicago to give an idea.

If you’re interested, reply to only me with your interest. I’ll send
it over to the first response - but I’d better see you at the event!
I’ll ignore subsequent responses, so if you dont get a response from
me it means someone else got it.