[Release Announcement] Ohai 8.10.0 released

Hi all -

We have a minor release to Ohai (v 8.10.0) published to RubyGems.

There are only a few changes here, but worth looking at closely.

The main changes have to do with dealing with a performance regression in the last release. With Ohai 8.10.0, a couple of plug-ins are being made to be opt-in instead of always enabled. These are the PnP drivers plug-in (impacts detection of Windows drivers), and the packages plug-in (detection of installed packages).

If you wish to use these plug-ins with Ohai starting with 8.10.0, you will have to explicitly opt-in via Ohai configuration. For example:

ohai[:plugin][:drivers][:enabled] = true
ohai[:plugin][:packages][:enabled] = true


ohai.plugin[:drivers][:enabled] = true
ohai.plugin[:packages][:enabled] = true

In addition, there is also a bug fix that deals with EC2 detection.

Please see the CHANGELOG for the list of change PRs - https://github.com/chef/ohai/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md1


Salim Alam
Principle Software Engineer
Chef Inc.

There is a minor typo in the changelog link. The correct URL is: https://github.com/chef/ohai/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md