Release: test-kitchen 0.5.4!



We’re pleased to announce a new patch release of test-kitchen, 0.5.4. The gem is published to

Release notes:

  • [KITCHEN-6] - document requirement that a valid “knife.rb” is present
  • [KITCHEN-8] - Document Autmatic Dependency Resolution via Librarian in the README
  • [KITCHEN-10] - Add Memory Option to Cookbook Section of the Readme
  • [KITCHEN-17] - Add lint[:ignore] to cookbook DSL for foodcritic tags or rules to ignore
  • [KITCHEN-18] - scaffold generates Gemfile with private github repository for test-kitchen gem
  • [KITCHEN-19] - Constrain foodcritic to major (1.x)
  • [KITCHEN-26] - Subsequent calls to kitchen test don’t converge node anymore

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