Released Chocolatey cookbook v1.0.0

This morning I released version 1.0.0 of the chocolatey cookbook. We bumped the major version because it just felt like it was time to do that and there is a small change that could break a small number of users. We now embed the chocolatey installer directly in the cookbook instead of downloading it from The chocolatey installer, unlike the package feed, is not fronted by a CDN and we have had some recent stability issues with download attempts. Hosting this small script in the cookbook itself should be more reliable.

Until now, the cookbook supported a ['chocolatey']['url'] attribute that, if set, would serve as an alternative download location for the installer. Some users would use this attribute to host the installer script on their own. That should no longer be necessary but if you had “special” logic in this script, that logic will not be executed in the new cookbook. If this proves to be a problem, please file an issue on the cookbook repo.

For other details of this release, you can review the changelog here.