Restrict services to ipaddress|interface


I am happy chef-server 11 user.
But several days ago i started to improve security on our infrastructure server and saw this:
epmd 19402 chef_server 3u IPv4 293233253 0t0 TCP *:epmd (LISTEN)
beam.smp 19390 chef_server 7u IPv4 293233279 0t0 TCP *:48596 (LISTEN)
java 19456 chef_server 9u IPv4 293234010 0t0 TCP *:40414 (LISTEN)
java 19456 chef_server 10u IPv4 293234011 0t0 TCP *:d-s-n (LISTEN)
java 19456 chef_server 11u IPv4 293234012 0t0 TCP *:45130 (LISTEN)
beam.smp 19608 chef_server 8u IPv4 293236395 0t0 TCP *:47818 (LISTEN)
beam.smp 19823 chef_server 8u IPv4 293237074 0t0 TCP *:56503 (LISTEN)

Those 7 services which listen on all interfaces.
The question is how to restrict them to loopback for example?

Thank You.