Scheduled Downtime 5/19

Ah, time for another super fresh announcement Habitants!

In preparation for Chef Conf happening next week, as well as a whole slew of totally amazing features, the team needs to take down the Habitat Depot. The primary purpose of the outage and the work we will be doing is migrating our persistence layer to a new platform.

This switch has been a long time in the works and the migration is going to enable some incredibly awesome new behavior in Habitat land so stay tuned next week for some announcements. In the meantime:

Downtime Schedule

  • Friday, May 19th 2017
  • 1400 - 1500 PST (2pm - 3pm PST)

It is totally possible that we will not need the full hour we’ve alloted but we want to be certain in case anything goes utterly sideways that we have enough time to recover. For up to the minute information during the outage tomorrow, please be sure to check in #general on the habislack, or follow the twitter account