Server Flavor Header Changes Coming in Chef Server 12


Hi all.

With the recent server changes, i.e., the merging of open source and enterprise flavors of chef, we’ve changed the server flavor of the new server core to report as “cs” (for “Chef Server”) instead of the previous values that each of the servers reported (“ec” or “osc”). This showed up in the “X-Ops-API-Info” header (i.e., as something like “flavor=ec;version=11.1.0;…”).

So, the new version would look something like “X-Ops-API-Info: flavor=cs;version=12.0.0;…”.

We’ve tested this internally, but if you maintain a tool that uses the Chef Server REST API, be aware that this will be changing, and that (if your tool validates against server flavor) you may need to change it. Please to be testing.

This change will drop in the next release candidate.