Solaris 11 pkg and Unattended Bootstrap solutions

Hi Folks,

I’m considering ways to perform unattended bootstrap on Solaris 11 and interested in how others have implemented it.

Here are a couple ideas. They are based on the Chef supplied SYSV client package and use of an AI server.

o Create a IPS package with a site-specific service that, when run, installs the SYSV pkg, appropriate validator key and client.rb. The service then uses this installed information to bootstrap Chef for the first time. The pkg is deleted afterwards.

o Create a Unified Archive image that has Chef, validator key and client.rb pre-installed, however the validation process has yet to run. There would be a service in this case that performed the validation at first boot.

Notes about the available package. It was odd to find that the SYSV pkg postinstall script accepts arguments -v validation_key, -o organization and -u url. I’m unaware that pkgadd can provide arguments like this to the postinstall script. I also pulled apart the SVSV package to convert it to IPS. When running pkgdepend I noticed there are a few library dependencies that are lacking from the Solaris 11 distribution and had to compile them from scratch. Whomever built the package had a dependency in their home directory referenced as well.

Appreciate if you can share your experience and guidance here.