[SOLVED] Availability of artefact for 13.7.9

I see 13.7.9 was tagged a day or so ago (and looks like its released here https://github.com/chef/chef/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md) but there is no artefact or release notes (https://docs.chef.io/release_notes.html) for it yet. We’re waiting on this to provision on EC2 using the new C5 / M5 instances (require latest ohai version) … when can we expect to see the artefact (Ubuntu) available ?

It takes a day or two (depending on how cranky the internal CI cluster is) to certify the final build. We generally say “some time in the second week of each month” to leave things a bit of room to breathe.

Have been patiently waiting but still see nothing … is there any way this could be expedited or can the build process be monitored publicly so we can see where things are at ?

13.7.9 failed on build validation testing and so is no longer a candidate for the 13.7 release. Most of the core dev team is currently at the Chef Rally event so it might be late today or tomorrow before we try for a 13.7.10. Remember that all builds are always tagged in git, that is not an indicator of something being a stable candidate on its own.

Ok thanks … there is nowhere we can see the state / availability of the builds ?

I was linking out to the release notes from https://docs.chef.io/release_notes.html which seems to indicate 13.7.9 availability. I concede its not concrete proof.

Unfortunately the final release process bits are only visible to Chef Software employees as build management is a service they provide to the community. I’ve grumbled about this but it really would be a metric ton of work to harden the Jenkins system et al and it’s not usually much of a problem. We provide a Release Announcement topic on this Discourse you can subscribe to for updates when releases are ready. You can also grab any continuous build from the current channel if you want to test it out yourself.

Apologies for banging on about this … but there is still no artefact available that allows ohai to function correctly on AWS C5 / M5 instance types !? This is really hampering our daily work.

Anyone know whats going on here !? I see lots of good stuff in the change log but no version since 13.6.4 … is there going to be a 13.x build released at some point soon ??

EDIT: I see topic [Pre-Release Announcement] Chef Client 13.7.16 and note that a release is scheduled for today / tomorrow … crossing my fingers.

As @coderanger said, you can always retrieve bleeding-edge artifacts from the current channel: https://downloads.chef.io/chef/current The “release” just involves promoting a selected build from this channel to stable.

(edit: 13.7.16 is now in the stable channel – Chef Client 13.7.16 Released!)