Suggestion while I wait for a Bento download

Hey (Opscode) Chefs,

I’ve been using Cloudflare as a CDN in front of an S3 bucket to host big
files. Just like what you’re doing with the bento boxes on S3.

Have you guys thought of doing something like that, to cut down on S3 costs?

Heck, even the free Cloudflare service level offers the CDN, which I find
quite nice, even for low traffic personal projects :slight_smile:



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If you’re a tech person, the following may make sense to you.

I’m the author of
A tool that’s been helping common mortals like me share git branches for 5
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I’ve also contributed to some of the popular libraries in the Rails, jQuery
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paperclip, active_admin, jquery-ujs, jquery-rails, kaminari, AssetSync,
phonegap-plugin-facebook-connect, shoulda, woulda, jeweler.

If you visit them on GitHub, you’ll see my face in the "Contributors"
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