Test Kitchen 1.4.1 Released

Hey there!

I just released Test Kitchen 1.4.1 with some bug fixes. Copied from the CHANGELOG:

Bug fixes

• Issue #663, PR #665: Centos 6.4 no longer supported, upgrade in templates for kitchen init (@lloydde)
• PR #711: Update to Ubuntu 14.04 and Centos 7.1 for kitchen init (@fnichol)
• PR #734: Fix failing kitchen driver discover test (@fnichol)
• Issue #732, PR #737: Generate a chefignore file during kitchen init (@metadave)
• Issue #688, PR #728 and #736: Default WinRM username updated to administrator and additional errors caught for retry logic when trying to login with WinRM (@zl4bv, @tyler-ball)


• PR #704: Don't prompt for passwords when using public key auth (@caboteria)