Test-kitchen + windows coordination


A half dozen of us met on Monday in the new test-kitchen/windows
standup to introduce ourselves. While most of the people attending
work at Chef, there was a nice diversity of experience with
test-kitchen. Some of the attendees leaned more towards being
developers, others toward being end users.

As a reminder, we’re meeting on Mondays + Wednesdays at 11am Pacific /
2pm Eastern in Zoom at: https://chef.zoom.us/j/433499686

We’ve created a Trello Board to track our work, since a lot of it
doesn’t fit into a github issue on a particular project very well. I
wanted to find a simple kanban like tool that would allow anyone to
participate without an invitation but I couldn’t. Everyone can view
the Trello board, but if you want to participate ask me (or anyone
else who is a member of the board already) for an invitation.

There are a bunch of ‘working’ branches out there that don’t work for
all platforms or providers, so the big goal up front is getting
everyone working on the same branch. We have an official test-kitchen
branch for windows, but not one for kitchen-vagrant yet. That’s on the
TODO list.


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