The life and times of knife cookbook site

It’s been a while. People still keep using the various knife cookbook site commands for grabbing things from the community site, and for uploading too. Of them knife cookbook site download is probably fine, but install (the version of download that does shenanigans with vendor branching) and share (which is superseded by stove) or probably just red herrings at this point. Doing this via Discourse first because I want to cast a wide net: does anyone object to formally deprecating those two commands (also in knife-supermarket) and using the warning message to redirect people to better tools? On one hand, I like the idea that Chef is batteries-included. On the other hand, stove, berks, and policy stuffs all come in the ChefDK installer so probably good enough?


I have encouraged everybody at my companty to stop using knife cookbook site install and just use Berks. I’m totally fine with deprecating it.

I agree, it’s probably time to add a deprecation warning for knife cookbook site install that encourages using Berkshelf instead. There are a bunch of assumptions made by the install command that can cause a lot of confusion. It works well if you understand and want everything it is doing for you but there are other ways to accomplish similar outcomes when using the Monolithic Repository Workflow.

:+1: for adding a deprecation to knife cookbook site install

However, I disagree with deprecating knife cookbook site share. While stove is a very nice tool and an effective workflow for sharing your cookbooks on a Supermarket, be it public or private, it does make a number of assumptions about the workflow you prefer. These assumptions are brilliant if you’re managing your cookbooks in git, want to tag each release, and want to push that release to the remote repository when you are sharing your cookbook. Indeed, you could easily make the argument that doing all of those things is a best practice. However, if you simply want to upload your cookbook to the Supermarket, knife cookbook site share is a much easier way to do so.

:thumbsdown: for adding a deprecation to knife cookbook site share