Tmux cookbook 1.5.0

Ohai Chefs,

I’ve uploaded v1.5.0 of the tmux cookbook to the community site.
Thanks to Bernhard Kohler and Greg Karékinian for contributing

Source Recipe Changes

This version moves the default download location for
source package from Sourceforge to GitHub. The tmux project now
uses GitHub to distribute its official release artifacts. The
source download location is also user-settable via an attribute.

Further, because of version incompatibilities with the libevent
library across platforms, the default source installation now
dynamically chooses which version to install. 2.0 is used on
newer platforms, 1.6 is used on older platforms.

Installing the latest version on older platform versions would
require managing the compilation and installation of the libevent
library, which is beyond the scope of this cookbook. Patches to
improve this are welcome, but will be looked at very carefully
since the libevent library is shared by a number of programs.

Request for Info

If you are a user of the tmux source recipe, I would love to hear
about why you need source installation of tmux. I’m skeptical
that this recipe is useful and am considering removing it in
favor of adding more support for package installations on
non-RHEL, non-Ubuntu platforms.