Today's IRC meeting


Some quick notes from today’s IRC meeting…

There is no meeting next week because so many people will be in Adam’s
at ChefConf.

Henceforth, the meetings will be scheduled for 50 minutes instead of one

Ready for merge after minor updates:

  • Jk/in parallel
  • Roadmap
  • Automatically assign a reviewer to a new PR
  • GitHub Issues Workflow for Chef

Closed, not merging:

  • mixlib-config 3 RFC - withdrawn

Still in progress:

  • Tracking for Standards Track RFCs
  • ohai identity attributes RFC

Deferred to next meeting:

  • Lcg/node state separation
  • Nested recipe support
  • Ohai cloud network enhancements

Join us for the next meeting on April 9, 2015 at 9AM Pacific.


2015-03-26 meeting agenda, transcript, and minutes:

2015-04-09 meeting agenda, PRs requested for agenda updates and suggestions