Hi all,

I used the bootstrap tarball
http://s3.amazonaws.com/chef-solo/bootstrap-latest.tar.gz (of Sept. 26-2011) to
install a chef server. When rebooting new machine both chef-server, and
chef-server-webui failed to start. I was able to start them manually after the
boot with:

/etc/init.d/chef-server start
/etc/init.d/chef-server-webui start

and all worked fine..

so, I changed the ordering of the run scripts by running them after couchDB and
rabbitMQ, and all worked fine. I gave chef-server (S60 instead of S20) and
chef-server-webui (S70 instead of S20). Please see my comment with Mat S. of
Devopscasts about it.


also here is the failure picture

and the success picture after changing the run order.

Any suggestions ? is there any harm to have chef-server and chef-server-webui
have a higher run script order for future tarball you produce ?

I am using Mac OS X snow leopard with Virtual Box 4.0.8 and minimal ubuntu
10.04.3 setup.

thanks in advance for looking into it