Upcoming removal of software definitions in omnibus-software

Ohai Chefs,

We will shortly be merging a pull request to omnibus-software to
remove the following software definitions:

  • couchdb
  • fcgi
  • fcgiwrap
  • icu
  • libwrap
  • nagios-plugins
  • nagios
  • nrpe
  • php
  • spawn-fcgi
  • spidermonkey

If you are using these software definitions in your project, you will
likely want to vendor them directly into your omnibus project.

But, why?

The goal of omnibus-software is to provide shared software definition
for use in Chef Software’s omnibus-built projects. Ideally, software
definitions in omnibus-software should provide sane, safe software
versions and build configurations.

We are taking this step as part of an effort to make sure that
omnibus-software definitions stay up to date. One of the best ways for
us to do this is to ensure that omnibus-software only contains
definitions for software we are actively using.


Steven Danna