Updated 10.18.0 Release Candidate


Hi Chefs,

I’ve pushed an updated RC for Chef 10.18.0 to ruby gems and published omnibus packages. The original 10.18.0 RC has been out for some time with no reports of regressions, so we’d like to go ahead with a release soon.

If you would like to test, you can install by either updating your gems, or passing a version argument to the installer script:

bash <(wget https://www.opscode.com/chef/install.sh -O -) -v 10.18.0.rc.2

The headline change in the 10.18 release is introduction of forward compatibility with Chef 11. In particular, this release adds support for Chef 11 format encrypted data bag items, and gracefully handles some differences in the format of client data in Chef 11 server.

Please give it a spin and report any regressions either here or on tickets.opscode.com

Thanks and happy cooking,

Daniel DeLeo