Using bootstrap to deploy application results in error during git submodule cloning


Hello everyone.
I’m new here on the mailing list. And also new to chef.

I was able to setup a cookbook that uses application and application_php to
deploy a web app.
My web app has about 73 submodules to clone. So it takes a while to deploy.
On top of that, I use a list of other cookbooks such as git, apache2,
mysql/database, python, supervisor, beanstalkd.

Everything runs OK until it starts cloning the submodules. It runs ok until
the last couple of submodules. It doesn’t always hang on the same
submodule. But this is the error that I get. Cloning into ‘sites/all/modules/views’… Submodule path ‘sites/all/modules/views’: checked out
’e01c47be0ec68af3b89250e23ce5280e9384dee7’ Cloning into ‘sites/all/modules/views_bulk_operations’… STDERR: ---- End output of git submodule update --init --recursive ----

I used “knife bootstrap -r role[myapp]…” to deploy the server.
After the error, I remove myapp and rerun the bootstrap and then the
cloning of the submodules complete successfully. Since all the other
applications were already installed the first time, and that in the second
run it only has to clone myapp, it makes me think that the error happens
because of a time out or something.

Can this be the case?


G. Arends