Vagrant 1.8.0 released with new vagrant powershell command


Nearly 18 months ago I submitted a vagrant powershell command and it was released yesterday with Vagrant 1.8.0. Its only available on Windows hosts and is the equivilent of vagrant ssh on windows. Instead of an interactive SSH prompt, you are dropped into a powershell remoting session:

C:\dev\nano> vagrant powershell
==> default: Detecting if a remote PowerShell connection can be made with the guest...
    default: Creating powershell session to
    default: Username: vagrant
[]: PS C:\Users\vagrant\Documents>

I’d like to make a change to kitchen-vagrant’s test-kitchen login command for those running vagrant > 1.8 on Windows use this instead of RDP. With an option to “opt out” and still use RDP. I’m curious if other windows users would find this annoying and think the default should continue to be RDP.



Makes sense to me – I say go for it