Wat: "Your new chat room on Gitter"

Anyone know who is playing with this? I’m going to disable it shortly assuming I have perms to do so.

“Hello Noah! You’ve just created the public room chef/chef on Gitter. You can forward this email to people you want to join.”


I’m not sure why you received that e-mail. I recently deleted some of our unused gitter rooms including the chef/chef room. It’s still showing up as deleted so seems like a bug on their side. You can ignore it though.


It existed shortly after I sent that email, I removed it.

This has happened twice more in the past two days. Gitter support has said they both don’t record who creates rooms nor offer a way to mark a repo as “do not make a gitter room ever”. To anyone actively using Gitter and having push permissions to chef/chef, please be careful with your clicks.