What permissions do I need to approve a workflow patchset?

My approve/delete buttons are disabled, but I am accessing this from the admin user. This user has all roles enabled currently.

How should I proceed?

They are disabled because the change is not yet in a state where it can be approve or deleted. It says that it is currently queued under the timestamp there. When the verify stage completes you should once again have access to approve or delete as appropriate.

Would it be stuck in queued if I don’t have any runners established? I’ve been following this tutorial and it doesn’t mention anything about runners by the time it gets to the “Verify” stage.

So it’s queued because the verify stage for patchset one is still running. If you had no runners established, it should fail immediately. There’s a built-in stage timeout so eventually it should be run (I believe the default is 90 minutes). If it doesn’t get run, there might be a system state issue. In that scenario, a restart of the Automate server should resolve the issue.

it definitely didn’t fail immediately. It’s still stuck in queued. I’ll try to reboot the EC2 instance that’s running OpsWorks with Chef Automate.

I rebooted, but it's still not making any progress: