Xinetd cookbook 1.0

Ohai Chef,

I’ve just released version 1.0 of the xinetd cookbook to Supermarket.
Thanks to Bryan Berry for adding me as a maintainer. This release
brings some notable new features and changes.


New Features

  • A new xinetd_service resource allows you to generate xinetd service
    configuration using chef:

    xinetd_service "discard" do
      id "discard-stream"
      type "INTERNAL"
      wait false
      socket_type "stream"
      action :enable

    All options supported in xinetd 2.3.14 are currently supported by
    this provider.

  • The xinetd::builtin_services recipe can be used to enable xinetd’s
    builtin services:

    • chargen
    • daytime
    • discard
    • echo
    • time
    • tcpmux