Yum_repository equivalent in chef 11

Is there anything available in chef 11 which is equivalent to yum_repository resource from chef 12+?

The yum cookbook provides the yum_repository resource that you can use.
(can’t link to it since github links cause responses to get blocked)

FWIW, chef 11 will no longer be supported after April (which is when Chef
13 should be released)

can you provide the URL for yum cookbook?
And, what do you mean by


Awesome, That worked.

Had to include this in metadata.rb


It should also be noted that you’ll need to make sure you use the version of the yum cookbook that still supports Chef 11, which is 3.13.0. All Chef managed community cookbooks now require Chef 12.1 or later, as that was released over 2 years ago. I’d highly recommend making the migration to Chef 12, which improves how yum_repository is handled (along with a ton of other things).