13.3.42 Out of memory: Kill process 3204 )chef-client)


During test-kitchen run, I am using 13.3.42 chef-client for my test images. Currently using Centos 7 as image.


Reverted back the chef-client version to 12.21.4.

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How much memory are you giving the boxes, do they have swap enabled, and what driver (presuming kitchen-vagrant? If it’s something small like 512MB and there isn’t swap then it’s not uncommon to hit OOM for a variety of reasons (even yum will do it).


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Thanks for your reply, my apologies for late response though. Anyhow, its now working, yep, costumed my vm images rams to at least 1024. And then check my drive as well, it seems i need to free up some space. So far so good,

I am currently checking now the cache, .kitchen/cache, it seems its not caching its omnibus packages. Always downloading chef-client every converge.

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Kitchen-vagrant (assuming you have a new enough version) only caches by default if the boxes are bento boxes which are used if you don’t mess with the default naming. I’d need to see the .kitchen.yml to verify but assuming that is the case based on the box name in the screenshot you probably want to look here.


Got it, currently checking out the kitchen-vagrant, then I will go back again to chefdk 2.2.1 later.

I've installed back chefdk 1.2.22, it created the cache in .kitchen/cache omnibus chef-client. I am using costumed vm images with vbox guest installed ( not from atlas ).



Sorry I forgot my .kitchen.yml

Here's the screenshot:


As mentioned in the last message, if you’re using custom boxes then caching is not enabled by default and you will need to configure as per the documentation. Caching relies on shared folders working correctly for those custom images which means the respective guest tools (VirtualBox in this case) must be installed properly on the images for caching to work. The reason we only enable this for the default boxes (and even then not all of them) is because we build and test those as part of our pipeline to ensure shared folders work.

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Thanks for your inputs, everything’s understood.

I’ve tried bento/images, cache’s worked. In the meantime I’m using this boxes for kitchen-ci.

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