2 chef-server's on 1 host


I need to provide chef-server for 2 organizatons - they are completly diffirent and should be isolated from one another. I have central server, but unfortunately I cannot use virtualization.

So I’d like to put 2 chef-servers on 1 computer - can I do that? I’ve figured out how to configure 2 vhost’s on rabbitmq, how to configure 2 solr instances in jetty on diffirent ports, and then how to launch to chef-server instances with diffirent config so with diffirent couchdb databases and solr instances. But I’m not sure about chef-expander. It’s written in comments, that you cannot have 2 clusters. Is that true? Can I launch two chef-expanders on one host (each with diffirent config - ergo rabbitmq vhost and solr port?). I’ve found ps_tag in expander configuration options, which seems to do the trick (at least when I check with ps auxwww). But will it work?


Grzegorz Marszałek