About the Chef Habitat category

Chef Habitat is an automation framework that centers application configuration, management, and behavior around the application itself, not the infrastructure that the app runs on.

The tools provide automation that can programmatically and declaratively build, deploy, and manage your application and services, whether they’re stateful or stateless on any platform or infrastructure.

The Habitat core team has decided (for now) to mothball the Habitat discourse server until we have an actual need for a full-on forum. A significant amount of our community discussion right now is occurring directly on slack and Github and we’ve found that due to low traffic on our discourse server we, more often than not, miss the small number of posts that end up out there. This is the impetus for the migration. For now, having a single category on the Chef discourse makes a lot more sense for us. Should we outgrow this category (which would be awesome by the way), we will return to the habitat discourse server and shutter operations here.

The “Habitat” discourse category should be used for asynchronous dialogue and support for any of the hab tools or ecosystem.