Accept Chef License for delivery-cluster

Hellos Chef Delivery friends!!

Today we have released the new version 0.6.9 of delivery-cluster that will require you to accept the Chef License Agreement ( In order to do that you have to set the attribute default['delivery-cluster']['accept_license'] to true.

Modify your environment file as follow:

  "name": "accept-chef-license-example",
  "json_class": "Chef::Environment",
  "chef_type": "environment",
  "override_attributes": {
    "delivery-cluster": {
      "accept_license": true,
      < all your other attributes goes here >

For more information:

Do we allow spaces in environment names like that? If so that is almost certainly a bug :slight_smile:

@coderanger That is a great catch! Thank you for the observation, I am going to change it!! :smile: