Added Role to run list on node but recipe and Role is missing

Hey Chef folks,

Got an issue that I can’t seem to figure out.

I created a role:

paulu@cowboy-base-cookbook$ knife role show elastalert-service
chef_type:           role
description:         Roles for elastalert node
json_class:          Chef::Role
name:                elastalert-service
run_list:            recipe[cm-monitor-checking::elastalert]

Then added the role to the node: but we’re missing Roles and Recipes

    paulu@cm-base-cookbook$ knife node show
    Node Name:
    Environment: cow-prod
    Run List:    role[base], role[devtools], role[elasticsearch], role[logstash], role[curator], role[filebeat-client], role[elastalert-service]
    Roles:       base, devtools, elasticsearch, logstash, curator, filebeat-client
    Recipes:     cm-base::default, cm-base::mxhost, cm-base::renguser, cm-monitor-collection::collectd, chef-client, cm-monitor-storage::elasticsearch, cm-monitor-storage::logstash, cm-monitor-storage::curator, cm-monitor-collection::filebeat, ohai::default, yum::default, build-essential::default, build-essential::_rhel, rsync::default, curl::default, ntp::default, yum-epel::default, motd-tail::default, ulimit::default, collectd::default, collectd::_service, chef-client::default, chef-client::service, chef-client::init_service, cm-base::java, java::oracle, java::set_attributes_from_version, java::set_java_home, cm-base::deployuser, iptables::default, filebeat::default, filebeat::install_package, filebeat::config
    Platform:    centos 6.7

Roles and Recipes are populated by the node at run time, so just run chef-client on your node and you’ll see them get updated.